Release time:2016-07-12

  Mutianyu Great Wall is located in Huairou District of Beijing City, and historical documents show that such a section of Great Wall was built by Xu Dadu, a senior general of Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang of the Early Ming Dynasty, on the basis of Beiqi Great Wall’s ruins. In 2001, Mutianyu Great Wall successfully passed ISO9002 International Quality Management System and ISO14001 International Environmental Management System certifications. Also, it was rated as “Class AAAAA Tourist Area” by the China National Tourism Administration. Surrounded by mountains, Mutianyu Great Wall Tourist boasts picturesque landscapes. In spring, flowers blossom one after another to show off their beauties. In summer, the mountain is dotted with verdant trees and grass, and is enlaced by running water. In autumn, the trees are laden with fruits, and the mountain is embellished with red leaves. In winter, snow gleams white and covers the mountain. What a magnificent northern scene! At home and abroad, Mutianyu Great Wall enjoys great fame, “Mutianyu is of unique beauty along the Ten-Thousand-Mile Great Wall”.

  Mutianyu Great Wall Tourist Area invested more than 30 million RMB in building “China City of Dream Rocks” and “Great Wall Villa” in the tourist area. The “China City of Dream Rocks” refers to Suzhou Garden’s architectural style and collects classic appreciation stones from all around China. Situated at the foot of the magnificent Great Wall, the “Great Wall Villa” is decorated into an archaized architectural complex, which merges seamlessly into the ancient Great Wall. In the villa there are standard guestrooms, restaurants, and sauna facilities etc., which can accommodate 100 tourists at a time. In 2001, the “Great Wall Villa” was rated as a “Two-star Hotel” with approval of the China National Tourism Administration.Since it has adequate service facilities and complete functions including cable cars, Guguan Travel Agency, and farm products etc., Mutianyu Great Wall Tourist Area can provide tourists with all-round services. You can take the sightseeing bus (No. 6 Line) at Xuanwumen and Dongsishitiao or take the Bus Line 916 at Dongzhimen to directly reach the tourist area.With the strength of its majestic Great Wall, picturesque landscapes, and high-quality services, Mutianyu Great Wall Tourist Area will greet both domestic and overseas tourists with hospitality.Ticket:    Great Wall admission ticket: 45 RMB/per adult, RMB 25 RMB/per student    Ticket price of cable car: 80 RMB/per adult round trip, and 60 RMB/per adult one way; 40 RMB /per child round trip, and 30 RMB /per child one way.     Ticket price of the Shibide cable & slide way: 80 RMB/per adult round trip, 50 RMB/per child round trip. Ticket price of Shibide cable way (up): 50 RMB /per person one way. Ticket price of Shibide slide way (down): 60 RMB /per person one way.    Note: The elderly age 70 and above and military members can enjoy half price tickets by providing proper identification.Traffic Route    1) Take Bus Line 936 (Huairou --Mutianyu) at Dongzhimen    2)Self-drive: Airport Expressway –Beigao Exit –Jingshu Highway –turn left at the Kaifang Roundabout – turn right at the traffic light –turn left when arriving at the second traffic light – drive forward when arriving at the North Roundabout of Yingbin Road – drive forward when arriving at the North Roundabout of Qingchun Road --Mutianyu Great WallGreat Wall Villa (Two-star) normal price: 180 RMB /room. You can enjoy a 30% discount when purchasing the Great Wall admission ticket if you have meal and stay at the Great Wall Villa. Tel.:  61626395Contact Information       Tel.: 010-61626505   61626022     Fax: 010-61626813