Yanqi Lake

Release time:2016-07-12

  Located at the foot of Yanshan Mountain, 8km north of downtown Huirou in a northern suburb of Beijing City, Yanqi Lake borders the majestic Ten-Thousand-Mile Great Wall to the north, and lies near the boundless North China Plain to the south. It is an aquatic park with picturesque landscapes.Yanqi Lake is expansive and boasts clear lake water. In the spring and autumn every year, flocks of wild geese will gather in the lake, and thus the lake gets its name.Yanqi Lake is surrounded by mountains on three sides. Jundu Mountain is located to the north of Yanqi Lake, and has an altitude of 1,200 meters. To the west of Yanqi Lake there is Hongluo Mountain with altitude of 811 meters. To the east lies Jindeng Mountain with altitude of 186 meters. On the mountains there are maples, pines, cypresses, torch trees, and other foliage, with a total forest area of 1.5 square kilometers. Statistical data shows that the vegetation coverage of the whole scenic spot is 90%. Mountains on three sides of Yanqi Lake constitute a natural defense, which prevents the lake from being hit by sand storms. Year round the lake has humid air, and its average annual temperature is 11.7 degrees Celsius, with annual precipitation of 666.4mm, average relative humidity of 55% (75-77% from July to August), and excellent air quality. In crystal water of the lake, there are dozens of aquatic animals including fish, shrimp, and turtles. Particularly rare animals like the Indian black turtle and the giant salamander have been found in the lake. Rare migrant birds like wild geese, red-crowned cranes, white swans, and freshwater seagulls, which need high-quality water, inhabit the lakeside and multiply there. Since 1986, the government has invested 3 million RMB in carrying out large-scale garden-style reforestation and beautification of the park. In the main gate zone and north gate zone, gardening ornaments of Jiangnan style have been completed: on the lakeside, a 10,000-square-meter garden-style green area was set up, and more than 100,000 famous and rare saplings including maple, gingko, acacia, Chinese aster, and chinar were additionally planted, living up to the park motto “Flowers in Three Seasons, Green Throughout the Year”. Thanks to years of construction, Yanqi Lake has integrated humanistic landscapes with natural landscapes. In spring and summer, the sun is hidden by the dense shade. In golden autumn, red leaves cover the mountains where the Great Wall is partially visible. On the 1,000-hectare lake surface, hundreds of boats cruise about, rippling the water surface. This is truly an ideal place for painters. In the mountain there are more than 100 species of plants, which provide students a perfect location for their collection of plant specimens and creation of plant artwork. Yanqi Lake has become an ideal place for touring and sightseeing.Yanqi Lake Amusement Park has a graceful environment and pleasing landscape, and is a famous resort in the northern suburbs of Beijing, where you can do sports and exercises, or enjoy your leisure time and spend holidays. In the amusement park there are many complete entertainment accommodations, and so far, more than 40 aquatic and land-based projects have been constructed in the park, which provide diverse options for people of all ages. Here, some fitness and entertainment events are enjoyed by tourists, and there is parasailing, speed boating, jet skiing, bungee jumping, aquatic aerial acrobatics, rock climbing, archery, and a floating swimming pool as well. Here, you can tour the lake by ship, traversing the 1,000 meters of lake surface, or you can go parasailing to have a taste of the pleasure of fighting wind and waves. Also, you can reach the Wanghu Pagoda to feast your eyes on the natural beauty of lakes and mountains and enjoy the leisure of returning to the great nature.At Yanqi Lake Amusement Park, you can enjoy convenient service facilities, considerate accommodation, and catering services. Thus it is an ideal place for you to enjoy leisure time, spend holidays, tour, and discover new pleasures.Ticket price: 34 RMB /person Tel.:  (010)69661696   69661194E-mail: yqh168@vip.sina.comWebsite:  http://www.yanqihu.comAdd.: No. 3, Yanshui Road, Huairou District Beijing City.