Red Pear

Release time:2016-07-12

  Red Pear is “the golden name card” of Huaibei Town, more importantly, it’s highly reputed as “Jingbei bright fruit”. Hongxiao Pear from Hefangkou, Huaibei Town (commonly known as Huaibei Red Pear) enjoys a long history of cultivation and it was fruit of tribute for the court as early as in the Ming Dynasty. Since 2006, based on the industry of Hongxiao Pear, Huaibei Town has been dedicated to creating the brand of “Home of Red Pears”, by importing 46 varieties of Red Pear and investing in the successive establishment of Laoshugou Base for Picking Hongxiao Pears and Shenlongyu Red Pear Industrial Park. Thanks to the particularly favorable natural conditions, Hongxiao Pear bred in the water of the continuously extending and long Shahe River boasts a large amount of sugar, a small amount of sand, gorgeous colors and high medicinal values. Old natives across Beijing have the most realistic comment and compliment on Hongxiao Pear, “Eating fresh Hongxiao Pear promotes the secretion of saliva to quench your thirst and eating steamed Hongxiao Pear moistens your lung and relives a cough”.

  The Red Pear Culture Day held once a year has facilitated the industrial development of Red Pear, playing an active role in creating the Red Pear cultural brand, enriching the cultural connotations of folk travels in villages, promoting the flourishing of tourism in Huaibei Town and the establishment of “Home of Red Pears”.