Hongluo Temple

Release time:2016-07-12

  Hongluo Temple was originally founded in the fourth year of Xiankang period in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, which could trace to over 1,600 years ago. It’s a comprehensive scenic spot which integrates the profound temple cultures and beautiful landscape of Buddhist gardens.

  The annual “Hongluo Temple Fair” achieves a thorough fusion of rich elements like folk cultures, traditional festivals, relaxation and healthcare with tourist activities, highlighting the traditional Chinese culture that features “Blessing” and launching a series of festive activities with a strong touch of New Year celebration. In the temple fair, tourists can participate in the activities of “Five blessings welcoming the New Year” like “Praying for blessing and worshipping the Buddha by burning incenses”, “Striking the bell for blessing, ringing out the Old Year and ringing out a New Year”, “The auspicious treasure tripod awarding blessing”, “Inviting blessing home”, “Five blessings at the door to embrace good luck” and so on; they can appreciate traditional shows of Zhongfan (waving flags), lion dancing, Face Changing magic and acrobatic feats; they can also participate in the traditional activities like inviting blessing, doing lantern riddles while admiring lanterns, striking the bell, hitting the eye of copper coins, appreciating the three companions of winter-pine, bamboo and plum, sightseeing, relaxation and bodybuilding, tasting the local specialties like tea soup, roast corns, roast sweet potatoes, sausages, chestnuts stir-fried with sugar; finally, they can join in the celebration of New Year in folk culture villages.